Process Mapping

As a business grows it’s important that the day to day processes are written down and kept up to date so that everyone works the same way.  This is particularly important if you have a complex business and rely on a small team – if someone left your business, would you be able to hand over their tasks to a new employee, or do you have a ‘key man dependency’ where if someone leaves, their knowledge of how your business works, leaves with them?

Additionally If you were to ever sell your business, you may be required to present documented processes for a potential buyer to review, so it is always worth having these prepared and kept up to date.

Mapping processes and reviewing current process requires time, and this is something that you may not have much of to dedicate to this.  At Montgomery Virtual Solutions, we provide on and off-site support in:

  • Creating detailed process maps for your key business activities.
  • Reviewing current process maps for completeness and updating where required.
  • Making recommendations on process improvement.

We would be delighted to speak to you further about your requirements in this area - contact us to find out more.