Human Resources

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Project Support


What does Montgomery Virtual do?

  • We are a Virtual Assistant & HR Consultancy Service dedicated to providing first class administration and human resources support to businesses and individuals, with a focus on quality, flexibility and value.
  • We work with organisations of any size and are happy to support a wide range of business and HR activity.

Why might you need Montgomery Virtual?

  • For Administration:
  • Admin activities are taking over from you doing what you do best – looking after your clients!
  • You’ve got an email inbox that’s out of control.
  • You have sorely neglected Social Media pages.
  • You need support on project work
  • You need to prepare a presentation but PowerPoint isn’t your strong suit.
  • You have correspondence backing up.
  • You have audio or video files which require transcribed.
  • You need to book travel for business or pleasure and need to find something just right.
  • You need some research carried out on a specific topic.
  • You want to arrange an event – maybe a meeting, an offsite, or some team building.
  • You have a database or CRM system that needs updated.
  • For HR:
  • You need a Contract for a new employee
  • You need some advice on employment policies
  • You need to recruit but you don’t want the hassle of placing adverts and sifting through CVs
  • You have interviews to carry out and aren't sure what to ask to ensure you get the best person for the job
  • Plus all kinds of other requirements – call us to discuss on 07739 472453.

Why use Montgomery Virtual?

  • You need a flexible support option – small or large jobs, one-offs or regular requirements – our services (and rates) are designed to make things as straightforward as possible for you.
  • No overheads – we work virtually so there’s no need to provide desk space, PC’s telephone lines and so on.  If required however, we can come to your premises (there may be an additional charge for this, though).
  • You need to control cost – we’re not your employee, so there are no associated staff costs.  We track the time spent on client work and invoice you directly.  There are no agency fees, NI contributions, pension contributions etc. required.
  • You want to work smarter, not harder!